"Ornate Cross Sterling Pendant"  Monday  August 16, 2021  1:00pm - 5:00pm

"Ornate Cross Sterling Pendant" Monday August 16, 2021 1:00pm - 5:00pm


Using sterling silver wire and an accent bead, you will design a beautiful wire wrapped cross pendant.  

  • "Ornate Cross Sterling Pendant"

    Instructor:    Julie Boudreaux

    Date:          Monday August 16, 2021

    Time:          1:00pm to 5:00pm

    Skill Level: All Levels

    Age Limit: 14 and Over

    Maximum Class Size:  6

    Class Fee:  $50.00


    Kit Fee:  Included in class fee    


    Wire wrapping is one of the oldest techniques for making jewelry. ... Using sterling silver, copper, brass or even a combination of all three wires, you can begin to wrap, bend, loop the wire into decorative shape. With this process you can make beautiful earrings, pendants, bracelets and ring. The wonderful thing about Wire Wrapping is that with just a few pairs of pliers and some round, square or half round wire, you can begin creating unique pieces of wire-wrapped jewelry that you can give as gifts, keep for yourself or sell!


    Class description: 

    With Julie’s instruction, some sterling silver wire, a decorative bead, a few pair of pliers and you will learn the art of wire wrapping this unique "ornate cross pendant".


    You will Learn:   

    Wire wrapping skills, determine what wire is appropriate for each step,   how to clean wire,    assemble wire to form a cross, wrap the cross, secret to adding a bead, assemble wire to form a cross, made a bail out of wire, use half round wire to wrap the cross, filing, and finishing. You will learn what tools to use, how to work with wire, size of wire to use and how to bend and shape the wire. You will learn to evenly and uniformly space wire and tighten your wrap, to keep the wire kink free, and how to keep your wire wrap straight, keep your wrap tight, what wire is appropriate for the project, and how to use wire to enhance your beautiful elegant cross.


    Skills Covered:   

    Wire wrapping, appropriate for each step, measure wire, cut, clean wire, make a wire bail, assemble wire, form and wrap a cross, adding a bead to your work, use of half round wire,  filing, and finishing. What tools to use, work with wire, size of wire to use, bend and shape the wire, evenly and uniformly space wire, tighten your wrap, keep wire kink free, keep your wrap straight, keep wrap tight, and how to use wire to enhance cross.

    Kit to Include:

    Everything needed to complete this project  


    Skill Level: 

    No experience necessary.

    Tools to Bring:  

    None, You will use studio tools.


    What to Wear:

    Comfortable clothes. Apron, Latex gloves, safety glasses and mask will be provided if needed..



    SAS by Design Studio

    6170 Larkwood Ln 

    Long Beach, MS 39560



    Email:  sasbydesign@aol.com

    Call:  228-864-9138


    Please Note:

    One seat per person per class.  Space is limited so please do not bring any guests or children with you to class.

    Classes will start on time.


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    Cancellation Policy:

    No refunds are provided if you cannot attend your scheduled class.  You may send someone in your place if you let us know to expect them.  We reserve the right to cancel a class at anytime.  If that happens, for any reason, you will receive a full refund.  In case of inclement weather, we will reschedule the class or give a full refund.